#116 A NEW PERSON 611#

LORD, may my life be an honest testimony about Your love.

So that through me, other people want to know You too. – WM

I’m in a struggle these days. As I look back over my life, I have become very busy doing things to impress people. I’ve fallen so many times, I rarely prayed, I have been very aloof from GOD.  I knew deep in the nook of my heart, I desperately desired to speak and implore Him. So last night, finally I took time to pray. While reciting rote prayers in my head, I played a number of Christian songs on youtube, merely to calm my mind.

Out of the blue, on the second or third song, I inadvertently read the comments there, subsequently was fixated on one Bible verse written by someone, taken from 1 Samuel 10:6, a sequence of biblical numbers that exactly match the date of my birth. It is a combination of 2 integers. It is #116 or #611.

“the Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.” (1 Samuel 10:6)


WOW!!! There was a moment of silence. I’ve never been seriously steeped in this verse before. I pretty much believed this was a sign. There’s always something there to remind me, and behind every sign there’s always a story. From the moment when I read that Bible verse, I was changed, I will never remain the same. I am entirely become a new person, for GOD is with me. The Lord will take control of me. I will dance and praise His name, I will enter His courts with thanksgiving in my heart. Thank You Lord, Your work of molding and shaping my life has not ceased.

This is my story, this is exactly what happened to me. God has been using the signs that are very meaningful in my life to reprimand me, to revive me that my being on this earth is only to glorify Him. I am amazed that God has chosen me for such nobleness. It was started since the day of my birth, from the first day of my life. I am here for a purpose, for a wonderful plan, for a magnificent task, and it is walking towards me.

Dear Lord, thank You for rescuing me out of darkness and helping me to walk in Your light. I am eternally thankful. I know that You want to change me more than I can possibly imagine. I know that You have specific plans You want to accomplish through my life. Use me Lord, use me fully as You want. Transform me into the person You want me to be!

O Holy Spirit, help me to live like Jesus Christ. In JESUS name I pray. Amen!

Novus Initium, 11.16


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