Merry Christmas, Dear!

: for those I love & those I have not met yet

Merry Christmas, Dearies!

Warmest thoughts to you.

These regards fly with flagrant longing,

amid tears,

trembling soul,

a profound sense of gloom,

feeling so blue.

How are you, most cherished?

You are okay, aren’t you?


Merry Christmas, endeared love!

In the silent desert now, I’m forlorn.

Before the vigil ends,

under the moon that’s been shrouded in fog,

I close my eyes so that it won’t hurt.

I wish somehow I could find you.

Still staunchly I wait, for the angels espouse my sleep,

dreaming of a face to face meeting you and the baby JESUS.

Back home, up there, kindred spirits!

Later until our hopes are fused with His everlasting love.

the 7 days of solstice



One thought on “Merry Christmas, Dear!

  1. Hi @mitchteemley thank you for passing by.. Merry Christmas, to you! Knowing that you come from Cincinnati made me remind of that one popular country song of Carrie Underwood titled “JESUS take the wheel”. I love that song! Have a festive holiday season, Mitch!


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