when two scorpios hook up*)

she was a gemstone emerging from Pluto’s heart.

he was a sorcerer armed with magnet from Mars.


she is graced with beauty and allure worthy of the limelight.

a subtle stare, a mystical smile tells a lot about her mystery.

he is concecrated with a noble soul, artistry is his middle name.

a whimsical melody, enchanting with his undeniable charisma.


they make intense lovers colored with tender touch and burning passion.

they feel admired in each other’s dreams, push to be the best they possibly can.

amid the stellar softness, angels dancing pleasantly as if both have found kindred spirits.

they fight just as fiercely, ignite their formidable energy,

rising like a phoenix, gloriously reborn from the ashes of pain and suffering.


they are in it for the long-haul.


down memory lane, times gone by,

when both were so immersed with their pilgrimage of dreams,

they knew they have to sacrifice all feelings and connections,

sinking into the pool of unresolved emotions.


he remained alone pickling his loyalty.

she left with memories won’t happen anymore.


the intensity failed to last the distance,

leaving two very wounded persons in the cosmic affection.


*) refers to the zodiac sign of Ryan & Emma, the leading roles in LA LA LAND





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