Grow in Wisdom

Coincided with my birthday on November 6, 2017, I launched a modest Instagram account named: @growinwisdom_ which aims to inspire and encourage others.

Here are some of the highlights:




Dearies, as you read through those several quotes I put on IG (some of it were composed by me), I hope it will strengthen you. Anytime when you’re facing troubles of many kinds or you’re feeling lonely and upset, feel free to visit and follow @growinwisdom_

It’s simply meant to be a source of comfort and encouragement.

May you always feel loved.



A Journey of Change


HE twirled my life as if a ride on a carousel. From a humble beginning to illusive TV screen, from a sickly-savvy student turned into rural-educator, from a patchy social worker to worldwide soc-ent organization, from an unfinished American dream circling back to my roots, dealing with farmers in remote villages, struggling towards food sovereignty, youth development and the livelihood of my own people.
HE took me through a tough yet rewarding path.
HE allowed me to flow through a series of descent and rising, a collective penchant of depressions, failures, suffering, setbacks, healing, change and transformation. HE doesn’t require me to succeed, HE only requires that I try.
I simply could not resist HIS calling: a divine voice within me. “As long as I live, HE wants me to wholeheartedly devote myself to the interests of society”.
This end, to my tomorrow and those I will go on to serve, this is my story of life, my cup and my unswerving path.