It’s Already Set Up

My broken heart is melting in my hands

It’s escaping through the gaps of my fingers like sand

I’ve been wanting to get to the yellow brick road

I’ve been wanting to set my feet on solid ground of the Appian Way

I’ve been wanting to make all my dreams come true

I’ve been wanting to reach the top

I’ve been wanting to do all these wonderful things

I was happy sometimes but it all faded.

I wondered what was missing

What was I doing wrong?

It took the moon and sun colliding for me to see

I saw that I missed my Father’s hand

What was I thinking when I decided to skip You?

What was I wanting besides You?

This hole in my heart keeps getting bigger and deeper

Why did I depend on these people to make me whole?

When it was only You who can patch me up again?

Should I rearrange my dreams now?

Should I build them around You now?

I was walking in the desert at nightfall, thirsty and lost and a burning bush spoke to me:


I smiled then.

I knew I was saved then.

For Father I know I can depend on You and You alone..


Grow in Wisdom

Coincided with my birthday on November 6, 2017, I launched a modest Instagram account named: @growinwisdom_ which aims to inspire and encourage others.

Here are some of the highlights:




Dearies, as you read through those several quotes I put on IG (some of it were composed by me), I hope it will strengthen you. Anytime when you’re facing troubles of many kinds or you’re feeling lonely and upset, feel free to visit and follow @growinwisdom_

It’s simply meant to be a source of comfort and encouragement.

May you always feel loved.