November Sky

You’re a warrior. You are here to win!

: anthem of my life

If you spend your time searching for bread
While your hopes come and go
I’d like to return to that house that doesn’t have
To a mother that never saw
With bare feet and so little age
And at his shoulders three siblings to look after
Like him, today in the streets wander so many more
That Angel would like to help
Angel, going underneath the November sky
Without looking back
Fighting to escape
Hiding from the fear and the loneliness
Protecting his dignity
Not even the cold of winter can stop him

He has the spirit to win
And the desire to conquer
His peace and the desire to,
in the end, achieve freedom
That he hasn’t been able to satisfy
Always dreaming of being happy
Ending so much suffering.

a phoenix rising up into the sky


to the anonymous One.

in times past,

i started learning to record,

that people called you ”Father”,

with calm mien, praised beautiful words,

even when the heartbeat suddenly hurdle,

felt your presence in the sense of frantic, fear, crumpled and death.

i simply obeyed.

i didn’t really know why i should believe.

the inner call had made me endure longer,

perhaps up to this face, would just the wind blowing the rocks,

and till the body encounters dust,

loss of sound, silent in the dots of history.

whereas you’re so far away…(i’m not sure).

you’re vanished while long sleep blacken our instincts…(i’m not sure).

lost in anger the time that i found my dreams were swept away by the sun.

oh, are you really a mystery…?

or am i just a piece of meat who can only whisper,

moan over to you in prayers?

(i was not really sure what i have repeatedly done)

Father, forgive me.

out of the depths, i cry out to you.

have mercy on me as i failed to love you.

everything came not as i expected, stopped me on this apriori.

have sinned i, yet you never give up on me.

oh, thank you,

thank you for all the blessing that i cannot see.